Unfortunately not everything can be regulated by code. Here are rules that all players must abide by!

  • NO X-RAY TEXTURES/HACKS - zero tolerance for this.
  • No logging out while in combat to avoid being killed. This can result in a temporary ban.
  • No other addons that alter your movement or actions or give you an unfair edge, like flying, moving faster, jumping higher, moving through walls, automatic aiming/firing etc.
  • You MAY use a minimap like Rei's, but nothing that shows extra info like diamond ores or other players' positions. You can use waypoints.
  • You can also use Optimine/Optifine, but not the zoom feature with Optimine.
  • No exploiting obvious bugs in the game. For example if you log on and find suddenly all plots are disabled/broken, dont go into the enemy's base and steal all their stuff. Or if you find a duping bug that lets you have infinite diamonds etc, don't use it.
  • Don't be a dick.